„Arctic Love“ heißt die Serie von André Terras Alexandre, der damit die Schönheit Grönlands in seiner ganzen Pracht während des Sommers eingefangen hat. Warum ausgerechnet Grönland erklärt er so:

„I’ve always been a huge fan of snow, cold and harsh environments. In 2015 I’ve been to Iceland, the next year I visited the Faroe Islands (both of them in december) and Greenland was the most logic place to follow.
I was very curious to get to know one of the most remote communities in the world in summertime, with the midnight sun and the overwhelming contrast between the green valleys and the icebergs and glaciers.
I flew to Copenhagen and from there to Greenland with AirGreenland. While in Greenland, the only chance to move between communities was by boat or by plane, since there are no roads connecting the country (aside from a 40 km dirt road leading Kangerlussuaq to the Ice Cap, the largest road in Greenland). I visited Kangerlussuaq (the „entry gate“ to Greenland), Ilulissat and the capital Nuuk.
I can say that I will never forget this journey, but I’m already thinking ahed and my lust for ice still stands. Perhaps I’ll chose Alaska or the Lofoten Islands as my next cold adventure.“
Im Moment plant er nicht seine Serien als Buch zu veröffentlichen, wir würden ein solches aber definitiv gerne in unserem Wohnzimmer haben.